About Nauset Surf School

Brian founded Nauset Surf School in 2014 after leaving his engineering job in the oil field.  He wanted more sunshine and salt water in his life.  He also wanted to surround himself with adventurous, kindhearted people.  So, he employed his friend Tyler and invested in some gear.  Their plan was simple, bring others to the ocean and have fun in the surf.  The key to surfing is to keep it light, only then can one have the confidence to learn wave riding. 

The calls came in and the business took off.  More friends were hired and more people booked.  That summer, Brian and his friends taught hundreds of people how to surf.  The reception was amazing.  Pleased with the success, Brian opened a surf shop in Puerto Rico that winter.

A few years have passed but the equation is still the same.  Those who laugh loudest, surf the best.