There are sharks in the waters off Cape Cod. That being said, there have been no attacks in 30 years.  Thousands of people have swam in the water every summer day for those 30 years and no one has been bit.  Boats, planes, and lifeguards constantly monitor the water and occasionally we will postpone a lesson if there has been a sighting.  You are much more likely to get in a car accident on the way to the beach.  If you are still worried, we are happy to talk about it, so please give us a call.  

Paying at the beach?

The beach charges $20 a car to park at the beach.   Short of carpooling or bike riding there is nothing that can be done to avoid this charge.  That being said, where else would you rather spend your day.  P.S. There now are food trucks located at the beach, so no need to leave. 

Where do we meet?

Nauset Beach in Orleans.  The "Orleans" bit is important because there are two Nauset Beaches.  We meet in the parking lot at the corner opposite of the payment booth.  You will see a large red truck with many surfboards accompanied with a friendly surf instructor.  

What if I haven't Surfed before?

Great, you have no bad habits.  Most of our lessons are with new surfers.  We start at the basics and will gently push you as far as you would like to go.  We also have a wide range of boards, from "can't miss" to "next level".  Most new surfers will stand on their first day.  If you are a high achiever you will also be catching your own waves and turning.  Still, one of the nice thing about surfing is that falling is almost as much fun.  

What do I need to Bring

Very little.  Sunblock, water for after, a good attitude.  We provide wet-suits for everyone but you will need to wear a bathing suit underneath it.  The tighter fitting the better to prevent bunching.  If you have not paid yet, we can take cash or card at the beach. 

Rescheduling lessons?

If you need to reschedule lessons just give us a call.  Ideally we would like 24 hours advance.  If the ocean or weather is too rough we will call you to try to reschedule.  We realize vacations are busy so we try to be as flexable as posible.  

Additional Questions?

reach us at 508.469.9889